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The Economic Agreement between the Basque Country and Spain

Author: Ignacio Zubiri Oria

The purpose of this book is to analyze and explain the Economic Agreement to English speakers: what it is, its historical origin, the use made by the Basque Country of the tax autonomy given by the Economic Agreement and the economic implications of the Economic Agreement. The book also reviews the differences and similarities between the financing systems of Foral Autonomous Communities (the Basque Country and Navarre) and the other Autonomous Communities in Spain (the so called Common system of financing).

International Conference. Basque Economic Agreement and Europe


Editor: Eduardo J. Alonso Olea

Within the framework of the criteria set by the European Court of Justice in its Decision, known as the Azores case, on fiscal autonomy and European regions, "Ad Concordiam" held an International Conference at Deusto University in December 2006. Under the topic "Economic Agreement, regional tax regulation and State aid", several communications and papers, which are gathered in this publication, were presented.