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“Thesis” Collection

The "Thesis" Collection has a double target. On the one hand, it pursues to help the ambition of any researcher come true by the diffusion of his analyses, studies and conclusions and, on the other. to set a new via of spreading current investigations about the Foral Treasury.

The original language of the Collection is Spanish. However, an abstract in English for each Thesis is provided below.

La Administración Fiscal del Señorío de Vizcaya (1630-1804)

Author: Rafael Lopez Atxurra

This was a research work in origin which turned into a PhD Thesis presented at Deusto University in 1991 and obtained the highest distinction. How did expenses and income operate in the classic period of the Foral Institutions? Which was the status of the Monarchy and of the Foral Treasuries? This research work answers to these ones and to many other questions.

La fiscalidad del Derecho Civil Foral del País Vasco

Author: Alberto Atxabal Rada

This research work tackles Foral Civil Law from a tax perspective. It does not focus on a particular Civil institution or tax figure; however, it studies the complex relation between taxation and Foral Civil Law. This PhD Thesis was presented in 1999 in the Faculty of Law at Deusto University and obtained the highest distinction. Far from being just a theoretical study, the thesis was the pillar on which the 7/2002Norma Foral, October 15th, about the adaptation of the tax system of the Historical Territory of Bizkaia to the particularities of the Civil Law of the Basque Country, was based in order to implement the required amendments in the tax system of Bizkaia as to guarantee the usage and consolidation of the Foral Civil Law.

The legal defence of a paradigmatic historical right: the Basque Economic Agreement

Author: Gonzalo Martínez Etxebarria

After analysing the historical evolution of the charter system and more specifically the evolution of the Institution of the Basque Economic Agreement, this book focuses on the legal defence of the institution by Basque institutions, mainly in two decisive areas which are the material area and the procedural area. As regards the former, in other words, regarding the material area, the analysis in the book has focused on defending the regulatory framework of the Corporation. In the second case, the procedural area, the focus is on studying Act 1/2010, of 19 February.

Nationalist Politics and Regional Financing Systems in the Basque Country and Catalonia

Author: Caroline Gray

The research looks at the different regional financing systems in force in the Spanish State since the Transition as a significant factor of the evolution of the political strategy of nationalist parties and, in particular, of Convergência i Unió in Catalonia and EAJ-PNV in the Basque Country.